Meet Rory Van Wyk

Rory grew up on a small, diverse livestock farm, where he enjoyed caring for animals and watching things grow. He spent countless hours milking goats and feeding everything from chickens to horses.

Rory’s love for farming led him to pursue a Bachelor’s in Agriculture from Dordt College, where he learned the health and environmental benefits of raising livestock on well-managed pastures.

He worked on several forage-based livestock operations, and now runs RoLyn Hills Farm with his wife and two daughters, producing grass-finished beef and lamb and pastured pork and poultry. Rory has witnessed and experienced first-hand the incredible health transformations that are possible when people change to a diet of nutrient dense foods grown on healthy soils.

In addition to working with grazing operations, Rory is branching out apply the principles of soil health to row-crop, vegetable, and perennial production systems.

  • Pasture/forage-based livestock systems.

My Ideal Client Is...

An individual or organization that shares the following characteristics:

- Committed to learning

- Strong desire to leave the land in better condition for the next generation

- Striving to provide more nutrient-dense food

- Understands the connection between nutrition and health

- Willing to share success with others

- Views farming/ranching as cooperating with nature, rather than conquering nature

Rory Van Wyk

Winterset, IA, USA



Phone: (641) 430-0062


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