Roots of Integrity (ROI)

This is the first time Nicole Masters will run her 4 day Masterclass in the US.

This event draws together a deep community of skills, knowledge and background in soils, cropping, pastures and livestock, with Dan Kittredge, Loran Steinlage, Jennie and Seth Becker & Meagan Lannan.

Earlybird discount ends on the 1st of May.

Monday-Wednesday 10-12th June, 2024 with optional Field trip Thursday 13th at Barney Creek Livestock, Livingston.

Event location Rocking TJ Ranch, 651 Lynx Lane, Bozeman, MT 59718

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Roots in Integrity Topics

Digging deeper:

  • Expand your landscape literacy

  • Diagnose many common challenges at their root cause

  • Explore interconnections between soil, plants, animals, and human health

  • ​Build resilience ​by harnessing health and slowing water

  • ​Cut input costs and improve your ROI

  • Network with like-minded individuals and specialists in the field

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"Training can be draining and forced. It can be dull and make you long for the next tea break
where you can indulge on stale biscuits and watery coffee.

Doing the Integrity's course with my team, however, was completely the opposite. We mixed classroom focus with field practicals and I found myself grinning like an idiot at 6 pm after a 9-hour session as grown men and women leaped around the field identifying bugs and saying "oooh" a lot.

This mixture of joy and discovery consists of the very essence of what is required to heal our soils - and everything reliant on them."

Jess de Boer