What We Stand For...

We have a culture of ecological organization and systems thinking with the people we work with. “As above, so below.”

The work we are in the world is the work we take on within the business, based on a foundation of integrity and connection in everything we do.

We are committed to supporting producers in taking their businesses to the next level. Through an emphasis on building adaptive, creative thinking and regenerative actions to lift the quality of food, profitability, community and personal health. 

Join Us January 11th-12th

Paicines Ranch, CA

Paicines Ranch Learning Centeris excited to welcome Nicole Masters in leading a two-day workshop that encompasses complex ecological systems thinking. We’ll explore how listening and observing soil, plants and animals can guide us in identifying indicators of health, what it takes to bring vibrant life back to land, and where to start in taking action. We’ll also learn about the relationship of minerals to soil microbiology and aboveground function for regenerating healthy ecosystems.

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Meet The Team Behind Integrity Soils

  • Nicole Masters

    Nicole is a globally recognised agroecologist, speaker and author. She has over 22 years practical farming and food production experience, with 18 years of experience as a regenerative Ag coach and educator. Nicole is formally trained in soil science, organizational learning, pattern thinking, and adult education. She has worked closely with diverse production sectors from; dairy, sheep & beef, viticulture, compost, nurseries, market gardens, racing studs, lifestyle blocks to large-scale cropping. Working with such diverse clients has fostered a broad knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing different production systems. During many of her years as an educator, Nicole has been practically involved in food production.

  • Meagan Lannan

    Meagan, with husband Pete, owns and operates Barney Creek Livestock, a regenerative grazing operation, based in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, Montana. Barney Creek partners with landowners to build their soil, ecosystems, and teaches them how to give more back to the land through adaptive grazing. Meagan is a skilled facilitator and has taught various topics on a local, regional, and national level.

Educate, Expand & Empower Yourself

There is a lot that goes into understanding soils… they are complex, with so many variables. It’s no wonder so many producers never dig holes, or worse, spend thousands of dollars to apply unnecessary products or hire someone else to assess the health of their soil.

If you’ve been unsure about current on-farm/ranch practices and are looking to make sense of the endless recommendations that may not “add up,” these courses will give you the foundations to support you in making informed decisions about the health of your soil.

  • Soil Horse Course

    A horse is not a cow! Gain new knowledge and actions to improve soil health and turn your horse pastures into a nutritious salad bar for your beloved 4-legged friends.

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  • Soil Health Foundations

    Read the health of your soil like a pro! Deepen your knowledge and hand-on skills to measure soils. Author and soils coach Nicole Masters guides you through the concepts to immerse yourself in the joy of fieldwork.

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  • Soil Health Masterclass

    5 Hours of professionally filmed footage taken during a 3-day Masterclass.

    Deepen your understanding of soil health systems and diagnostics.

    Take the power back!

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  • CREATE Coaching

    CREATE is an 18 -week program designed to train and empower consultants and coaches in the theory, principles and practices behind healthy, regenerative agricultural systems.

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Who We've Worked & Collaborated With

Looking To Work Directly With a Soil Health Coach?

The Integrity Soils Fellowship is an invitation-only international network of elite coaches, consultants and educators who have completed the intensive CREATE agroecological coaches training.

Each coach must meet our standards, ethics, and values before being invited to join. These coaches are independent, operating their own unique businesses separate from Integrity Soils. Each coach's approach and results will based on different factors, such as a coach’s individual capacity, expertise and context.

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