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Book - Por Amor A La Tierra

Book - Por Amor A La Tierra

Estrategias Para Regnerar Nuestros Sistemas De Produccion De Alimentos

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  • Review from Leslie from Amazon

    "This book has changed my outlook on soil. I new it was alive with life, but not to the extent that Nicole explains. Her passion brings the microscopic creatures to life in a way that’ll have you looking at the soil as an untapped jungle full of wildlife that actually helps you grow your food. My veggie garden will never be the same."

  • Review from Shelly from Amazon

    "This book was so wonderfully narrated! I so learned much from the soil science, perspectives and practices employed to improve soil that I bought the hard cover to share with my farmer guy. We are looking for a way to make things better on our farm and this book covered many different locales and situations, explaining the science simply and with a passion that can work to move those set in their ways, to better ways."

  • Review from Kim from Amazon

    "An engaging and informative read. Nicole presents in depth science based information written in an easy to digest form and incorporated with the stories of the farmers who are putting these principles into practice on the ground. Nicole is a gifted teacher and writer who presents science based, practical and actionable steps you will feel confident to put into practice straight away. Essential reading."