Learn the "Soil Health Foundations" with Nicole Masters

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Soil Health Foundation

Soil Health Foundation

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Read the health of your soil like a pro! Deepen your knowledge and hand-on skills to measure soils. Author and soils coach Nicole Masters guides you through the concepts to immerse yourself in the joy of fieldwork.
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Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

How can I measure soil health? What are my underground livestock and how do I feed them? Is my water quality suitable for my animals and farming/ranching needs? How do I know if my soil is compacted? What does a healthy soil look, smell and feel like? Are my weeds trying to tell me something? How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons?


Put The Power Back In Your Hands!

When growing foods, it can seem easier to reach for a bag, or enlist the advice from others.

Over the past few decades (and hundreds of workshops later), we've developed a range of methods to support your learning around the factors involved in building soil health.  

Empower yourself and educate yourself to make confident decisions about your soils!


Soil Health Foundation Course Curriculum


Paradigms, Mindsets & Goals

Natural Soil Building Processes

Human Civilizations Influence on Soil

The Triage of Enabling Factors

Soil Carbon

Mycorrhizae and the Rhizosheath

Why is Airflow Important?

Water Cycles

Is Your Water Effective?

Assessing Soil Health

The Underground Workforce

Weeds as Indicators


Final Summary

"Without measurement, there is no management."

With increasing climatic pressures, building resilient, healthy systems is critical. The key to healthy soil and production lies in being able to read and assess your own resources and know that you're on the track to regeneration.