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Soil Health Masterclass

Soil Health Masterclass

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5 hours of professionally filmed footage taken during a 3-day Masterclass. Review questions support the learning.
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kate kamut wheat roots

Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

What is Regenerative Agriculture? How do I profitably transition my operation to a low-input regenerative food production system? How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons? Who is my underground livestock and how do I manage them? Why are minerals so important and how can I increase their availability? Are my weeds and pests trying to tell me something?

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When growing foods, it can seem easier to reach for a bag, or enlist the advice from others.

Discover how you can regenerate your land resources through a practical and theoretical immersive. This is essential training for food producers seeking a more profitable, productive and regenerative approach.

Guaranteed to give you new insights and tools!

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Soil Health Masterclass Curriculum


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Course Outline

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- Background on your tutor Nicole Masters

Hold On To Your Hats!

Indicators and Observations

Chemistry for Food Producers

Farmer J Excercise

Underground Livestock


Weeds and Part 2 - Farmer J

Transition Tips