Horses get a whipping about their ability to degrade soil and pastures...

...BUT, this view doesn't have to persist.

In this 14 module program you’ll learn more about the benefits of building soil health and the relationship between soil health and many common horse ailments.

After implementing the actions covered in this program, you’ll be able to grow more nutrient-dense food for horses, reduce pesky weeds, increase water holding capacity of soil and improve the overall health of your equine buddies.

Introducing The Soil Health Course Specifically for Horses

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The Soil Horse Course

The Soil Horse Course

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A horse is not a cow! Delve into how horses and their owners affect soil health. Gain new knowledge and actions to improve soil health and turn your horse pastures into a nutritious salad bar for your beloved 4-legged friends.
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Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

Is it possible to have happy, healthy horses on pasture? Can I build healthy soil and quality pasture AND graze horses?! How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons?

Join Nicole Masters, Author and Agroecologist with over 20 years of experience in regenerating diverse landscapes in this dive into the benefits of managing horses for quality forage.

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The Soil Horse Course Curriculum

Welcome Horse Lovers


What Are Your Goals

Calcium & Compaction

M.M.M.M.M Management

Magic of Microbes

Feeding Microbes and Carbon

Weeds as Indicators

Forage Nutrition


Pasture and Forage Diversity


Winding Up