Meet Cody Spencer

Cody is a land steward from the high plains of Alberta, Canada. He is the owner of Sweetgrass Bison, a company focused on regenerative bison management and the production of nutrient-dense food as a result of biodiverse landscapes.

He has worked extensively on land with over 10 years experience in managing beef and bison in Texas and Alberta, and preserving landscape integrity through conservation easements on ecologically significant landscapes along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

He coaches other producers across North America transitioning soil to profitable, regenerative systems, empowering them to live a life of deep purpose and integrity along the way. He has a true commitment to bring his highest self to all of his relationships, with people, the land and all it's inhabitants.

His commitment to his clients is that together as a team, "we will strive to make decisions that align with a future we are thrilled to experience". Cody's dream is to see millions of people prospering while regenerating billions of acres across the planet.

He lives with his with his wife Julia and their two boys where the Great Plains collide with the front ranges of Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

  • Soil health diagnostics, grazing systems, bison management, farm & ranch profitability, grazing infrastructure, water management, broad-acre cropping, life design, facilitation, ecosystem services, conservation easements, enterprise development, eco/agritourism

My Ideal Client Is...

Someone who has the commitment to deeply look at themselves and their land and ask, "what good will I do today to lead me to the future I wish to see". Someone who is curious, humble and open to new possibilities. These clients bring forth a sense of personal agency, trusting in our relationship that together we can create landscapes, lives and businesses that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be proud of.

Cody Spencer

Alberta, Canada



Phone: (403) 632-7159


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