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Meet Annie Overlin

My family and I farm and ranch in southeast Colorado and am also a rangeland and riparian ecologist. I’ve studied, played, and worked in the cold desert ecosystems of the western United States and the Great Plains since 1992. Our ecosystem is exemplified by extremes with many miles between gas stations. Like the landscape, the people are hardy, thoughtful, and have a deep history of caring for the land.

Like the landscape, the people are hardy, thoughtful, and have a deep history of caring for the land. I am honored to work here and am humbled by the magnitude, complexity, and challenges faced by those who live here. I aspire to understand the ecology, business management, and restoration pathways of our system well enough to assist managers with economically and scientifically sound tools for adaptive management.

I focus my time on:
• My kids, our cattle and sheep, horses, hay fields and like the 5 generations of women before me- I’m a number cruncher and wrangler.
• Range Specialist for Colorado State Extension
• Part owner of a rangeland restoration business (17 years) focused in the arid west.

My expertise is in rangeland improvements, permitting, and anything related to grazing, plants, soils, and groundwater. Our main clients are ranchers, mining companies, and consulting firms who specialize in restoration.

  • Large Scale Ranch Operations

My Ideal Client Is...

Family ranch operations who need to make money but are also interested in ranching for future generations. However, I also like clients with unlimited budgets.

Annie Overlin

Beulah, CO


Phone: (719) 470-8325

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