About Nicole Masters

Founder of Integrity Soils

20+ years experience in regenerative farming systems, practices, coaching and community-building across Australasia, North America, and the United Kingdom

Author of For the Love of Soil

Nicole portrait with horse

Hello, fellow soil stewards!

Since 1999 I've been involved in regenerative food systems. Throughout that 20+ years as an educator, nothing excites me more than passing on my passion for regenerative soil stewardship.

Although I am formally trained in soil science, organizational learning, pattern thinking, and adult education, I believe our personal experiences are what matters most in creating transformation. In a diverse range of sectors from farming to composting to raising livestock and beyond, I’ve learned to regularly ask the question “What would nature do?” And I’ve discovered that many answers lie in the soil. Vital and functioning soils bestow benefits not just to the people directly on the land, but across all of society and the planet. When we (literally) get our hands dirty, it changes the way we view our relationship to each other and the world.

I invite you to read my book For the Love of Soil to hear more of my story. Then, I encourage you to engage with our wonderful fellowship of coaches and courses at Integrity Soils to start a regenerative Ag adventure of your own!

Your sister in soil,


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FAQs for Nicole

What topics can Nicole speak on?

Obviously, Nicole loves to educate on and advocate for regenerative agricultural systems. But both her further education and field experience make her a great speaker on leadership, behavior change, team-building, and synergy for teams in any industry.

Consider inviting Nicole to engage with you and your team on:

  • Programs for building resilience on the ground and within organizations
  • SHIFT - Shifting How Influencers Facilitate Transformation is a 3 day intensive for organizations and people passionate about enabling behavioral change.
  • Leadership programs in agroecology

Or explore Nicole’s CV and reach out to discuss a topic that interests you!

How can I attend a training with Nicole?

Trainings and courses with Nicole and our qualified fellowship of coaches are available on the “Events” tab above.

Integrity Soils also offers bespoke programs for brands, business and organizations to support the design of programs that are truly regenerative—using frameworks of deep ecology, systems approaches and behavior change for good.

Where can I learn more about Nicole’s background?

Lucky for you, Nicole recently released her groundbreaking book on soil stewardship, For the Love of Soil. The book includes anecdotes from Nicole’s journeys in regenerative agriculture, advocacy, and travels.

I want to be like Nicole! How do I get started?

We want you to be like YOU!

Like a healthy soil ecosystem, diversity is a powerful attribute in the soil stewardship community. We recommend reading Nicole’s book For the Love of Soil to start. Then, sign up for a course and connect with a soil coach near you to dive in! As Nicole said, experience is what matters most in creating change!

If you feel like you have the depth of skills and knowledge in regenerative food systems, and you're now ready to coach, consult, or train others, we invite you to look into our CREATE professional development program.

Media Kit photos of Nicole

Nicole Masters digs a hole
Nicole Masters Chicken farm poultry
Nicole and her dog Rain