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There is a lot that goes into understanding soils… they are complex, with so many variables. It’s no wonder so many producers never dig holes, or worse, spend thousands of dollars to apply unnecessary products or hire someone else to assess the health of their soil.

  • Soil Horse Course

    A horse is not a cow! Gain new knowledge and actions to improve soil health and turn your horse pastures into a nutritious salad bar for your beloved 4-legged friends.

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  • Soil Health Foundations

    Read the health of your soil like a pro! Deepen your knowledge and hand-on skills to measure soils. Author and soils coach Nicole Masters guides you through the concepts to immerse yourself in the joy of fieldwork.

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  • Soil Health Masterclass

    Embark on a "Deep Dig" into soil health during this 5 hour, professionally filmed 3-day Masterclass led by Nicole Masters in New Zealand.

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Are You Serious About Agroecology and Healthy Soils & Ecosystems?

If you’ve been unsure about current on-farm/ranch practices and are looking to make sense of the endless recommendations that may not “add up,” these courses will give you the foundations to support you in making informed decisions about the health of your soil.

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Fundación para la Salud del Suelo

¡Lee la salud de tu suelo como un profesional! Profundice sus conocimientos y habilidades prácticas para medir suelos. La autora y entrenadora de suelos Nicole Masters te guía a través de los conceptos para sumergirte en la alegría del trabajo de campo.

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  • “I could listen to you talk for months and not tire. I can’t wait to start doing stuff on my farm and for my family’s health…and book myself for more courses.” 

    Tiffany Neylon

  • “Mind is blown, I have answered a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about. I have a good plan to take back is good to know I’m on the right track.”

    Matt Black

  • "Guys, this was all great! I can’t believe how much material you presented and how much depth, care, enthusiasm you expressed. Thank you so much!"

    – Peter West

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