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Refractometer Copper ATC

Refractometer Copper ATC

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Farming is all about solar capture; increasing the efficiency of plant photosynthesis provides farmers and growers with a wide range of benefits. Refractometers are a simple but indispensible tool to gauge photosynthesis, through brix which measures dissolved solids; sugars, vitamins and minerals.

Take your fertility program into your own hands with this super easy to use tool. Comes with comprehensive instructions on use and interpretation. We stand by our refractometers and offer a lifetime warranty.

Copper construction provides fast, efficient automatic temperature compensation compared to aluminum and plastic imitations.

Adjustable eyepiece allows anyone to clearly view results
Analog design is robust, accurate, and requires no batteries
Comes in a durable, foam-padded carrying case

Measuring range: 0-32% Brix
Accuracy: +/-0.20% Brix
Compensation temperature range: 10°C-30°C (50°F-86°F)

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