Meet Randy Booker

Randy Booker is a passionate turf and landscape manager with the curiosity to challenge the conventional system and ask the ever important question “WHY?”. As the owner of Turfevolution Inc. an upstart company, he is a regenerative turf coach and teacher spreading the word about turf systems management which work with natural laws and principles that aren’t dependant on synthetic inputs.

He has been a Golf Course Superintendent for more than 30 years. The first twenty, he lived by the conventional turf management system dependant on fertilizers and pesticides along with heavy cultivation practices. Most recently over the past 10 years with noted success, he has turned his passion for turf into one that works based off regeneration and mutualism - the symbiotic relationship between the soil and plant. A system that is inclusive of all factors and has an understanding of the interconnection of the soil, soil biology, minerals, the environment and the plant.

Randy has an extensive background in Horticulture and Landscape from his earlier years. He travelled to Australia in 2019 to take part in a course conducted by Graeme Sait, that focused on the connection between soil health, plant health and human health. Most recently Randy completed the inaugural 6 month Integrity Soils CREATE program in April 2022.

Randy is excited to share his success and bring his experience to field days, one on one coaching opportunities and speaking engagements.

  • Turf systems management, the reduction/elimination of synthetic inputs - fertilizers and pesticides, working with natural systems rather than trying to control them, soil health diagnostics and soil building, systems evaluation and monitoring inclusive of the 5 M's ( Management, Minerals, Microbes, Organic Matter and Mindset ) School Grounds, Parks, Sports Fields and Golf Courses should be a safe place for our loved ones to relax and enjoy activities - My goal is to "Transform the Ground we play on"

My Ideal Client Is...

Turfevolution's ideal client is an individual or organization that:

Is open-minded and willing to question the norm and ask WHY?

Shows optimism, passion and takes pride in their endeavours.

Cares for the Environment and wants to do right for the future.

Is willing to form a partnership where we work, learn and grow together all while moving forward towards a common goal of making things better than we found them.

CREATE Fellowship Disclaimer

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