Behind "Grazing For Life"

Behind "Grazing For Life"

Four years ago I had the privilege of accompanying Cody Spencer out in the Texan prairie. It was almost unbelievable to watch this man using techniques generally seen with New Zealand dairy systems, yet here he was moving bison cows, calves and bulls using just a single strand of electric wire. It was an eerily thrilling experience, and yes my heart rate may have jumped a bit! As you can see in this video (a little shaky though it is!), the bison were quiet and calm as they moved into a new piece of ground.

Cody's task at hand was certainly audacious. This Texas terrain was severely degraded, mostly covered in low palatable grasses and forbs indicative of poor soil health, low organic matter and low biological biomass. Through the methodical grazing action of these bison and their consistent movement, Cody aimed to revive this land. As Cody has ranched in a range of biomes, and stock types, we made sure that this program will offer you benefit, even if you are grazing sheep in temperate high country, bison on rangeland, or cattle on irrigated ground, there is something here for you.

Although there are a number of truly exceptional grazing schools online, we think this school addresses the gap in an understanding of the intricate balance between livestock health and our underground livestock. The challenge lies in bridging this gap to the underground world - to expedite your journey toward better health goals and improved plant quality, all while maintaining, or improving, animal performance.

I'm so excited to have you meet Cody, as he excels in his practical and theoretical understandings of good grazing systems. He dives right into the heart of the matter, exploring what’s happening beneath the surface - with your root systems and plants. And his ability to explain complex topics has proven invaluable for those seeking to optimise their grazing and soil health outcome. We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we did filming in different grazing systems, and in building a program to support you.


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2. For the Love of Soil Book - by Nicole Masters that is centered around strategies to regenerate our food production systems. Get a FREE copy on Kindle or Audible.

3. CREATE Coaching Program - This 22-week program is designed to train and empower consultants and coaches in the theory, principles and practices behind healthy, ecological based agricultural systems. This is for serious professionals only.

4. Connect with Fellow Soil Health Coaches - This is a directory of independent soil health coaches that have completed our CREATE Coaching Program and meet our standards, ethics, and values. We invite you to browse to connect with a coach that fits your context and personal situation best.

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