CREATE UK kicks off!

CREATE UK kicks off!

CREATE UK team and students

Introducing CREATE UK: Andy Cato, Kirsty Hambrook, Garth Clark, Sam Moore, Jon McCosh, Marian Boswell, Emily Padfield, Nick Padwick, Tim Williams, Jen Aron, Nia Cowcher, Olivier de Schaetzen, Sophie Wilson, Steve Holloway, Liz Genever, Sergio Nicolau, Richard Reynolds, Celestine Olessy, Tomas Mitchell, Holly Silvester, Martin Reiter, Ross Mangles, Lennan Bate, Francesco Alves.
Coaching team:  Felix Egerer, Meagan Lannan, Cody Spencer, Jules Matthews, and Nicole Masters.

This has been the most unforgettable time of my life. We're at Althorp Estate, with some of the driest and hottest weather the UK has seen this year (and I packed my oilskins!).  We have some of the most talented movers and shakers from around Europe, Australia, USA, NZ, and Africa. 

CREATE was born from our belief that there needs to be a massive systemic shift in how we learn, train, and empower our communities. The complex planetary challenges we all face require adaptive thinkers -- people with the ability to analyze and effectively break down an issue to make decisions or reveal long-term regenerative solutions. People who can ask, and feel through an issue to formulate deep, different, and effective questions, without falling into overwhelm, polarization, or habitual patterns.

This is why CREATE places such a strong emphasis on coaching and experiential learning, rather than an informational recitation model.

Human competencies and capacities underpin outcomes for land management, stewardship, succession, business planning and relationships. To truly regenerate means going beyond ecosystem health and resilience into a liminal emergent experience, seeing ourselves as truly part of the whole.

Communicating the depth of this work during CREATE is a challenge -- these processes are experiential, a felt sensation, not just a head-centered approach to learning and education. During the program, we explore how we can evoke our own will, and align ourselves more deeply with our personal commitments while creating opportunities for people around us to do the same. It’s profound, and at times uncomfortable; and truly where do we find comfort with what is happening in the world today?

The journey ahead requires a willingness to break free of habitual patterns and clear a space for new possibilities to arise. It is incredibly exciting and humbling to be able to be a witness to this process. It's a process I will never take for granted.

Left feeling very grateful to the CREATE coaches' team, Althorp and Karen and Charles Spencer.

And to this bunch for trusting us through this process!


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2. For the Love of Soil Book - by Nicole Masters that is centered around strategies to regenerate our food production systems. Get a FREE copy on Kindle or Audible.

3. CREATE Coaching Program - This 22-week program is designed to train and empower consultants and coaches in the theory, principles and practices behind healthy, ecological based agricultural systems. This is for serious professionals only.

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