Groundswell 2023 conference the 'Glastonbury of Agriculture'

Groundswell 2023 conference the 'Glastonbury of Agriculture'

Groundswell 2023 was an absolute blast!  We definitely need more events like this around the world that bring together farmers, growers, and anyone who's passionate about quality food production and the environment.  It's like a festival for agriculture, hence the nickname 'Glastonbury of Agriculture'. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ag events I've ever been to. It was incredibly well-organized, and I loved seeing all the impressive drilling equipment, diverse cover crops, ancient livestock breeds, and engaging soil sessions on display.

They had over 100 different sessions, both practical and theoretical, which made it tough to decide what to check out.  In the end, I mostly hung out with some of my heroes from all across Europe. It was so inspiring to meet many of the farmers and hear about the amazing things they've been doing. Overall, it was a truly uplifting experience and I hope I get the opportunity to go back one day!

Nicole at Groundswell 2023



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