Meet Brian Dougherty

Brian has a passion for combining the power of soil-plant-animal interactions with some intelligent tinkering to help make regenerative food production a reality. He studies innovative ways to reverse soil degradation and restore broken nutrient and water cycles using the power of biology.

Brian has degrees in farm management and biosystems engineering, but his most valuable education has been from the school of life. He owned and managed a conventional dairy farm for 17 years and understands the challenges associated with transitioning to a regenerative system.
He will partner with you to implement strategies that empower you to break free from the constraints of conventional farming and thrive with a biology-based farming system.

  • Soil health, nutrient cycling, row crops, small grains, forages, conventional and integrated crop-livestock systems, working with farmer-led groups, educational workshops and field days.

My Ideal Client Is...

My ideal clients are open-minded, willing to experiment, hungry for change, and want to produce healthy food from healthy soil.

Brian Dougherty

Dubuque, Iowa, USA



Phone: (563) 239-7070


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