Meet Sue FitzGerald

Sue’s passion is to bring people together to learn, share, and stretch their imaginations in the pursuit of creating diverse, healthy landscapes. With thirty-six years of experience working with producers in Eastern Montana, she understands their struggles, but also their concern and compassion for their animals as well as their land.

Her strength is to listen, question, and support the producers in pursuing their greatest agricultural and personal goals. She also helps them look beyond the familiar, beyond what they think possible. To that end, Sue provides an array of consulting and coaching services to determine your goals and path to a healthier farm/ranch, family, and lifestyle.

Sue is the co-creator and current facilitator for Eastern Montana Regenerative Ag, EMRA; a learning network of practitioners building community around soil and human health.

  • Growing up on the prairie of eastern Montana, native range has a special place in my heart. That being said, I love the challenge of cropping systems and the challenge they bring. Her speciality is her interconnectedness with a diverse array of practitioners and being flexible in the services she offers to meet the client’s needs

My Ideal Client Is...

My ideal client is someone with passion for what they do, curiosity for how things work, and the ability and willingness to communicate openly.  I want to hear my client’s story.  My most challenging clients turn out to be the most rewarding experiences. 

Sue FitzGerald

CREATE Fellowship Disclaimer

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