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To all Agricultural Professionals!

To all Agricultural Professionals!

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Join us on October 9th and 10th in Colorado at the CSU’s SPUR campus for an inspired and thoughtfully designed Professional Development Opportunity. The SHIFT Program was developed by agroecologist Nicole Masters (author of “For the Love of Soils”) and Montana rancher Meagan Lannan through their experience working with polarizing issues that critically affect agricultural communities.  In this workshop and follow-up zoom sessions, you will learn useful tools and strategies for shifting mindsets and conflict resolution. Other topics include coaching frameworks to learn, self-reflect, see “wholes”, avoid unintended degenerative consequences, and embrace adaptive-thinking and experimentation. 

This is not a soils workshop!

This workshop fee is $75 and will fill quickly.  

For more information contact Meagan Lannan or purchase your ticket now to register.